I Saved My Own Life

I may have been traveling since I was 4 months old… But there is a very strong reason why I became so persistent about it only fairly recently:

Just a few years ago, I looked so different from this photo. I suffered daily from physical pain that no doctor could diagnose. I had a hard time sleeping, but also a hard time getting out of bed. Going to a morning class while in college felt impossible. Every day I went to work feeling exhausted and I constantly yawned throughout my shift. I was weak, I was sore, I was tired.

Not anymore.

I wanted out of it. I wanted to stop being in pain. I wanted to stop seeing a doctor every week. I wanted to stop being tired.

I wanted my life back.

I finally went to a yoga class. Yoga was always something that I thought would be fun to do, but I just never made the effort to actually learn. I would always see these pretty ladies doing stunning yoga poses along a beach and think “wow, I could never do that.” That all changed on February 2015.

I went to yoga religiously – it was almost an addiction. I practiced nearly every day until one day I woke up and realized… “hey, I feel great!” It was so sad that to wake up with no pain was like a dream to me. It made me appreciate physical health and well-being so much more. I could run 2 miles without pain anymore! I felt invincible.

I promised myself to always treasure my body. To love it, nourish it, strengthen it, and encourage it. I saved myself from whatever it was that tried to hinder me.

I’m stronger than I ever was… and I’m damn proud. Namaste.



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